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Holiday Happenings: The most wonderful time of the year

The Christmas season continues in Craig and Moffat County, and here’s a handy guide to many of the area’s Holiday Happenings.

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Faith Column: Nature as God’s first Bible

“Nature is the expression of God, His primary word, or the Original Bible.” Many Christian mystics, from St. Augustine to Thomas Merton, saw the Bible, not as the primary revelation of God, but as secondary to nature. Nature existed as the only Bible for 13.7 billion years before man every put “the word” to paper.

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A week in Haiti inspires Craig group to give more

A group of 10 missionaries sent by the Journey at First Baptist Church in Craig to Haiti has returned after a week helping the Baptist Haiti Mission. And plans are already in the works to provide more help.

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Faith Column: Thankful For Christ’s blood

Without the blood of Jesus, mankind has absolutely no standing with God. It is Christ’s blood that has been offered as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. Through faith in His blood, any person can enter into God’s presence without a sense of shame, guilt, or inferiority. Christ’s blood is redeeming in nature. Wherever sin has gone and brought damage and destruction, Christ’s blood has gone and brought redemption to life and righteousness.

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Weekend Roundup: A treat of a show, fun fellowship and turkey to boot

The weather’s getting colder to be sure, but Northwest Colorado residents rarely allow a dip in the temperature to keep them getting out and about.

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Faith Column: Think, pray, give thanks

As I write this, the election results have been published. Perhaps you are excited, pleased with the results. Perhaps you are less than pleased. Perhaps, because of the color of your skin, your gender expression, whom you love or where your parents were born, you no longer feel secure in your own land. Every election produces this mix of emotions.

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Craig church's love transcends religious differences, prepping for Haiti hurricane relief

The Journey at First Baptist offering aid to Caribbean nation following natural disaster

Faith and the desire to serve others have motivated a group of 10 missionaries, from The Journey at First Baptist church, in Craig, to travel to Haiti to minister as they give aid to those impacted by disaster.

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Faith Column: A difficult choice

To vote or not to vote — this has been the question for many in this year’s presidential election. I have participated in and followed closely every presidential election since I was able to vote in 1980. This presidential election cycle has proven to be, for me, the most difficult election I have experienced in terms of for whom to cast my vote.

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Weekend Roundup: Learn a little, have some laughs, find support

After a high-energy October, November starts to slow down a bit for Northwest Colorado, but there’s still plenty in store this weekend.

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Craig Halloween Happenings: Spooky stuff, colorful costumes, fun for everyone

Halloween is Monday, but odds are you’ll be celebrating this weekend and the day of, so here are some things to do in Northwest Colorado for all ages to enjoy.

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Faith Column: Let go, let God

David Novak had it made in the shade as the owner and operator of a flight school in the Seattle area. He also served as a contracts manager for Boeing Defense & Space and as regional manager for a telecommunications company. But, the high-rolling lifestyle came to a crashing halt — quite literally — when David staged a small aircraft accident in an attempt to fraudulently obtain insurance money.

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Faith Column: All about the 'God-things'

I have an admission to make today. Not an admission of wrongdoing specifically, but an admission of the way that I have lived my life to date. That admission is that sometimes, and more often than I care to truly admit, I need to be smacked upside the head with a two-by-four to make me understand what is right in front of my eyes.

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Faith Column: Remember the goodness of God during bad times

This year my mom was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease after progressively-worsening signs and symptoms prompted some visits to specialists in the Minneapolis area.

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Faith Column: The meaning of pride

Pride is a word with two meanings, one of positive attitude and one of negative in connotation. Pride can be defined as a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction in an achievement, an accomplishment, or in someone else or something else.

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Constitution Week starts Saturday

Daughters of the American Revolution to celebrate American document

Bells will ring for 15 minutes beginning at noon on Saturday, marking the start of Constitution Week that runs until Sept. 23 and is an annual commemoration of the signing of the document that upholds and protects the freedoms central to the American way of life. The U.S. Constitution turns 229 years old on Saturday. The local Augusta Wallihan Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution members will celebrate by standing at the intersection of Victory Way and Yampa Avenue, ringing bells. Area church bells will also sound as a way to remember the sacrifices made for our freedoms.