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Fair dedication honors volunteer participation

DeLaine Brown lauded for 16 years of planning, working with 4-H members, guidance of county fairs

Ryan Sheridan

This year, the Moffat County Fair is even more special than normal for DeLaine Brown. After 16 years of working with the local 4-H program and helping put the annual fair together, this is the first year she can enjoy the fair for itself from in front, instead of behind the scenes.

“I get to spend more time watching the kids and adults in the fair, which is special, and it’s great that I have the time to visit with people during the fair,” Brown said. “It’s been a good fair, and I’m looking forward to announcing the animal shows.”

Brown was raised in Moffat County, and served as a Moffat County extension agent for 4-H and youth in Moffat County and then as county extension director. She retired from that position in 2000, and now works at Craig Ford.

Her accomplishments during her time with 4-H and the Extension Office include helping develop agriculture programs for the Moffat County schools and the fourth grade Agriculture Day, developing a Career Exploration program for 4-H members, designing 4-H record books for handicapped and learning disabled youth ,and preparing a Northwest Regional 4-H Volunteers Resource Notebook in cooperation with three other extension agents.

Brown has been repeatedly recognized for her work and programs, garnering such awards as the Giraffe Award for Creativity and Innovativeness of Programs, an Achievement in Service award from the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents and the National Take Pride in America Award. Brown’s complete list of awards, like that of her accomplishments, is a long and expansive one.

For Brown, this year’s fair has a word associated with it that usually isn’t there: Relax.

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“This year has been fun in a different way; I get to relax, sit back and watch, help out here and there, but I don’t have the total responsibility I used to have,” she said. “I’m enjoying doing what I can, with announcing and things like that.”

To have the fair dedicated to her is extremely flattering to Brown, and came as a complete surprise.

“That was very special. It wasn’t what I expected to happen. To have the fair dedicated to me, and I still can work in it and enjoy it, is really neat,” she said.

Brown is enjoying this year’s fair because it is a fair like no other for her. She has the opportunity to enjoy the event’s moments both large and small, relish her first year away from the pressures and responsibilities of putting the Moffat County Fair together, still get to do some jobs that are fun, and get to savor and appreciate the honor of having the fair dedicated to her.

“The dedication was really an honor, something that’s very special. I’m very honored that I was selected. The whole fair this year has been good, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.”

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