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Evelyn Judd: Parents should teach girls how to dress

To the editor:

This is a note to parents, which was inspired by the Back to School supplement in Wednesday’s Daily Press and by what I see everywhere.

The way girls dress in this generation is absolutely shocking. How could any caring parent allow his or her daughter to go out into public — especially a school filled with guys — wearing a camisole? This is lingerie for wearing under a shirt, not to be the shirt.

No wonder though, considering the “mothers” dress this way.

And regarding the comment made by Brianna Carrera (of K-Mart) that “even younger children now are going for looks with spaghetti straps and slinky tops.” I thought parents were supposed to decide what younger children could wear?

Maybe the problem is that the only clothing for young girls that I have found in this town is all trashy. Parents, wake up. Don’t you know what boys are thinking when they see girls only half-dressed?

Evelyn Judd