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Eveline Bacon: Thanks for Integrated Community response

To the editor:

Thank you all who responded to Mr. Francisco Reina's comments about Integrated Community's Eng­­lish as a Second Language program.

It seems like there was a bit of a confusion regarding the terminology "as a second language," which has nothing to do with preference or priority, but with the country of birth.

We should try to recognize and respect all people and cultures and realize that not everyone has English as a first language.

We should commend those who strive to achieve speaking a second language.

The new semester of ESL classes starts Jan. 11 at St. Michael Catholic Church. If you are interested in observing a class and getting to know more about our program, please feel free to call me.

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We are looking forward to an eventful 2010. Happy new year to the wonderful people of Craig.

Eveline Bacon

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