Erik Plate: ‘ER will run you dry’ |

Erik Plate: ‘ER will run you dry’

To the editor:

Hello, I'm Erik and most of you might have known my mother, the late Kathie Johnson.

I recently took a trip to the emergency room after a nasty fall off a four-wheeler trailer last week and suffered a severe ankle sprain.

I love the staff at The Memorial Hospital. Everyone is really nice and I could joke with them like I usually do with everyone I meet.

I ended up getting an X-ray and an ankle brace (which was

absolutely useless, but I didn't really notice since I was in so much pain at the time).

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I recently got my bill. Keep in mind I don't have insurance like most of the country, and good lord was it expensive —

$760 for less than an hour in the emergency .

Just a heads up to be careful if you don't have insurance — that ER will run you dry.


Erik Plate

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