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Weekend Roundup: From wizard wonders to rocking rodeo

Welcome to the first installment of Weekend Roundup, a look at the activities available in Northwest Colorado each week Fridays through Sunday. The coming weekend has several happenings you won’t want to miss as part of the area’s summer fun continues.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ — Warp speed toward fun

It’s been 50 years since William Shatner first uttered the immortal words “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” While there have been many changes to the world both good and bad in that time, it’s comforting to know that a movie such as “Star Trek Beyond” can tap into that sense of wonder and discovery.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot is more of a reincarnation

A new version of a movie that’s been beloved for more than 30 years is rarely going to come along without people holding on to the memory of the original. In the case of “Ghostbusters,” referring to the update as being haunted by its predecessor seems most appropriate.

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Square dancing slated for Friday Fest this week

Pat McBride will call square dancing from 7 to 9 p.m. at Alice Pleasant Park

“It’s virtually impossible,” Pat McBride said, “for you to carry the troubles of the day onto the square dance floor.”

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JW Snack’s — Gulf coast goodness wins multiple local awards

There are few places less likely to boast a gulf coast Cajun eatery than the mountains of Colorado, and that’s exactly what compelled the owners of JW Snack’s Bar & Grill to open shop. After just recently celebrating 10 years in business, JW Snack’s won a slew of awards through Best of Moffat County to prove its longevity in Craig, tying with Carelli’s Pizzeria for the most total first-place honors in the restaurant category for owners Danny and Teri Griffith.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Finding Dory’ a fine, funny fin-tastic sequel

Memory is a tricky thing. A movie you held in high regard more than 10 years ago may remain in your mind as the best thing you’ve ever seen, or it could just as easily be replaced by the next big fad. Most viewers aren’t likely to forget the feature that preceded “Finding Dory,” yet most who watch this sequel will be remembering it for new reasons.

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Craig judges trim down list to name Whittle the Wood winner

17th annual weekend festival includes music from Trail, Subdudes

With 17 successful years now in the books, Whittle the Wood Rendezvous remains a favorite for Craig and visitors alike. The collection of freshly constructed wooden carvings, unbridled music and more came to a close Saturday as hundreds gathered in Loudy-Simpson Park to view the works of art on display, take in the music and otherwise just see what the buzz is all about during Father’s Day weekend in Craig.

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Good art, good tunes, good times at Whittle the Wood

Saturday events include carving winners, downtown car show, Subdudes performance

The finale of the 17th annual Whittle the Wood Rendezvous takes place Saturday as the 11 wooden carvings that have been the spectacle all week in Loudy-Simpson Park are unveiled in their finished form and judged to determine which whittler wins a windfall.

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Craig’s Whittle the Wood revving into action

Four-day annual event also features car show, art gallery, live music

Craig’s biggest annual event starts this week, and appropriately enough for a gathering that involves trees, it will be branching out a bit. The 17th annual Whittle the Wood Rendezvous runs Wednesday through Saturday in Loudy-Simpson Park as a dozen chainsaw-wielding talents each come to town to turn a stump into a work of art, possibly pick up a cash prize and provide some unique entertainment to spectators.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Me Before You’ a sweet but strained story

With a cast of people who have appeared in “Game of Thrones,” “The Hunger Games,” “Harry Potter,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Terminator” and other fantasy and sci-fi franchises, you might expect “Me Before You” to be a little less than grounded, but wizards and White Walkers are a cinch to believe in over the idea that a tragic romance will work out in the end.

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The Bock’s Office: Laughs dominate in detective feature ‘The Nice Guys’

When you’re looking for a priceless bird statue, you call Sam Spade. When you need a heroin trade upended, you call Popeye Doyle. When you’re searching for a missing person but still have plenty of time for shenanigans? That’s when you call “The Nice Guys.”

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Grand Olde West Days: Bronc riding, Chancey Williams provide cowboy kick

The Grand Olde West Days action continued Saturday at Moffat County Fairgrounds as the final rounds of the Iron Man Ranch Bronc Riding determined who the toughest riders were to drop by for the holiday weekend.

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Craig’s Grand Olde West Days a fun festival with new, old cowboy traditions

26th annual event sees changes for Memorial Day weekend happenings

For a quarter-century, the kickoff to summer has been a grand thing to behold in Northwest Colorado. The 26th annual Grand Olde West Days takes place this weekend, bringing in a huge schedule of cowboy and cowgirl activities for Memorial Day weekend.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Captain America’ — Let’s keep it civil, everyone

So far this year, we’ve seen the guy dressed like a flying mammal fight the man in the long johns and cape, not to mention the regenerating nutcase who should be subject to mattress tag penalties for removal of his mask. Who’d have thought the dude who carries around the red, white and blue circle squaring off with the genius in the crimson and gold metal suit would feel the most natural? Either way, so begins the summer movie season with “Captain America: Civil War.”

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Craig Concert Association concludes Friday with trumpet act

The Craig Concert Association will host its grand finale at 7 p.m. Friday with Brassfire featuring Jens Lindemann in the Moffat County High School auditorium, 900 Finley Lane.