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Employees will see benefits of compensation plan

New payroll adjustments will be implemented by Jan. 1 for Moffat County employees; plan will be spread over three years

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Over the next three years, some county employee salaries will be brought to 90, 95, then 100 percent of market value for similar county employment.
Additional salary data for the Moffat County compensation program will be presented at Monday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting.
According to the Commissioners, the compensation plan has been structured from market-based research that compares the salaries of county employees in similar counties.
Moffat County Human Resources Director Tom Skelding will review the findings for 12 positions and workshop with the Commissioners to integrate the new data into the compensation plan.
“We collected this data to tie up some loose ends for the compensation program,” Skelding said. “We had some positions that we still had some questions about before we set a salary grade. We now have data on all those positions.”
To build the compensation plan, a job survey is done that records enough salary information to use as benchmarks to construct the “skeleton” of a compensation plan. The complete structure of the plan is then built around that frame. Some positions are difficult to correctly place, Skelding said.
“We were not comfortable enough to put these dozen jobs in the plan without more data,” he said. “We have this data to help us know where to place them.
“Whenever you do a job survey, you never survey every single job title in the county we have something like 110 job titles. You collect data on enough jobs that you have a sampling from jobs that are good measurement tools. That information is the base for creating the internal equity.”
According to Skelding, the compensation plan is 95 percent complete.
The compensation plan will be fully implemented on Jan. 1, 2002, with some positions receiving benefits retroactive to July 1, 2001.
The Commissioners will hold their meeting at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning in the Commissioners’ meeting room.
At Monday’s meeting, the board will also:
Hear an update on the Moffat County Addressing, Naming and Signing policy, and the Road Name Clarification list.
Hold a discussion concerning ownership of a section of Moffat County Road 70 within the Wilderness Ranch subdivision with Bill Ditges.

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