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Emily Nagle: Work towards equality

To the editor:

I found the article by Diana West in the Nov. 11 newspaper offensive. I'm not saying that Shariah is good by any means, however her article lets on that Islam is a violent religion. As someone with a bachelor's in theology, I have not found that any religion is necessarily violent.

Instead it is the people who practice it and the way they interpret it. Some of my best friends are Muslim, and every Muslim in America that I have met are some of the most compassionate people I know. And I've met a lot of Christians who are the most violent people I know.

Shariah is just a form of law, and it can be used as something good and something bad. Disbanding it is not going to get those countries anywhere — it would be like throwing out common law.

Instead, it is more effective to work towards human equality. As Americans, we must remember that it took Christianity thousands of years to get where it is today, and there was not always gender and race equality — it's not even equal now. There were not always peaceful behaviors (we mustn't forget the Crusades).

While we do need to act in order to assure safety and a better quality of life to those who are suffering, we must also be patient and put our ethnocentricities aside.

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Emily Nagle

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