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Elwood Eisenhauer: The machinist

Age: 46

Occupation: Owner, Ike’s Automatic Transmission Shop

❱ "I've always been pretty much all automotive.

❱ I'm not a cowboy; I am not a roper; I am not a bull rider. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, that's their thing. I am in to motor sports.

❱ I like to take stuff that's broke and fix it. And my thing is, not patting myself on the back or anything like that, but a lot of people can bring me stuff in a basket and I can put it back together and fix it. … It's just something that's come natural to me.

❱ I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to them. But, if I was in there on council, I'd probably raise a stink in there all the time. It'd be one of those things. It'd be a different opinion.

❱ Older cars, hot rod stuff, yeah, I would drop just about anything to do that.

❱ I really enjoy hunting. That's where I take my time and vent, I guess. That, and I like the whole circle track thing, racing thing. I like to see them do that. I used to do it myself. I like to watch them do it now.

❱ To go out there and watch my stuff work is what I like anymore. I like to watch that. It's pretty cool. You take a car, a motor, a transmission, you put it all together and set it up with some tires and wheels and a guy that can actually handle the car and then watch it work, that's cool. That's just neater than heck, I think.

❱ It's nice being an owner, owning my own business, but there's times I wish I worked for somebody else, too, where I could just walk out the door at 5 o'clock and forget about everything. I don't get to do that.

❱ Just the way people are. You look at some of the stuff that goes on, I wouldn't want to bring any kids up in this world anymore.

❱ The equipment and stuff you have today for some of this newer stuff, I really don't want to keep up on it anymore.

❱ The way I look at it, the day America loses their firearm rights will be probably the worst day in history. The way I feel about that, the whole Twin Towers thing, what do you think would've happened if we wouldn't have been armed? That was just the start. They would've kept coming.

❱ There's a lot of people that want (to get) paid, but they don't want to work to get paid. They want to show up to get a paycheck, but you need to earn. I earned everything I got.

❱ My wife and family always make me happy.

❱ We could have one of the best motor sports parks right here in Craig, and no one wants to hear it. But, if you have a rodeo event, everyone wants to do that.

❱ Our leader right now, I do not trust that man. No way. I don't know, just watching his actions and how he talks and what he does, I don't trust him at all.

❱ I don't watch the news a whole lot anymore. I'll watch the weather, stuff like that. I got to watching that Fox News a little bit, but that, golly, that's just too much.

❱ God, honestly, that's the only one you can put any trust in now.

❱ There's a lot of nice, old stuff in Craig.

❱ Most proud about my kids? We pretty much raised our kids with a drug-free, alcohol-free environment all their lives. They're not alcoholics or druggies. I don't know, I guess I'm most proud of them because they never really got into that side of the world.

❱ I don't like original. Something's gotta be changed. Wheels, motor. Always gotta have more power."