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Tea Party candidates forum attracts 6 of 8 candidates

Sometimes the best prediction of what someone will do in the future is to look at what they have done in the past. But being able to talk about records is a luxury only about half of the candidates in the races for Craig mayor and City Council are able to play to their advantage.

Candidates emerge for April’s municipal election, including contested mayoral race

Less than one week into the municipal campaign period and Craig already has a contested race for mayor as well as five candidates running for three open City Council seats. There’s still plenty of time for more candidates to jump into the fray; residents interested in vying for the mayoral or City Council seats have two more weeks to file ballot petitions.

Jo Ann Baxter: Thanks for supporting me

A special thanks to Jo Ann Baxter's supporters during the race for Colorado House District 57.

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Local elected officials, energy reps, conservationists react to presidential election

Last week Moffat County voters arrived at the polls and voiced, by an overwhelming majority, their desire for a new leader in the Oval Office. Republican candidate Gov. Mitt Romney won big here earning 4,695 of the 6,239 ballots cast in Moffat County and topped incumbent President Barack Obama by a more than three to one margin. But Obama reclaimed the big prize by winning the Electoral College and carrying the national popular vote by almost 3.5 million votes. For some local residents Obama’s re-election was a bitter defeat.

Colo. voters OK legalization of recreational pot

Colorado voters legalized recreational pot use on Tuesday, setting up a clash with federal drug policy. A similar measure was also approved in Washington state, though voters in Oregon rejected recreational pot. When state and federal laws conflict, federal law takes precedence. Federal authorities could sue in an attempt to block the measures in Colorado and Washington from taking effect. It remained unclear how the federal government would respond. "Federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don't break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly," Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat who opposed the measure, said in a prepared statement.

Baumgardner springboards off House experience to win SD8

Rep. Randy Baumgardner, R-Cowdrey, has been through his share of elections since first running for public office. But on Tuesday Baumgardner said they never get easier no matter how many he’s through. “You just don’t know going in,” Baumgardner said. “It doesn’t matter how hard you campaign or how good you feel, anything can happen.”

CDP Editorial: Moving forward

Our View: With the close of the 2012 election, it can be easy for us to remain divided. However if we want our nation to move forward, we need to get past the differences highlighted during this past campaign season and focus on ways to improve our nation.

Rankin tops Baxter in House District 57 race

Carbondale Republican wins in all three counties

Carbondale businessman Bob Rankin sailed to an early victory over retired educator Jo Ann Baxter in the race for the open state House District 57 seat. "Since the registration was in my favor, the campaign was about learning the job, learning the issues," Rankin said Tuesday evening.

Marijuana legalized in Colorado as Amendment 64 passes

Despite falling in Moffat County, Amendment 64 to the Colorado State Constitution passed Tuesday, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado. While there are still many questions to be answered and regulations to enact before using marijuana is legal, it was a landmark decision which could spearhead a creation of the marijuana industry. While in the Moffat County the amendment lost by over 300 votes, or by 53-47 percent, The Denver Post called it passing at 9:15 p.m., when Amendment 64 had 52.7 percent voting yes statewide.

Tipton cruises to CD3 re-election

Election does not come down to wire as predicted

Contrary to what the last public polls showed a month ago the race for the Third Congressional District of Colorado did not come down to the wire. Not only wasn’t it close, numerous agencies across the state called the election for incumbent Congressman Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, with 50 percent of the ballots still to be tallied. “Our internal polling looked pretty positive going into the election, but this exceeded our expectations,” Tipton said. “I’m very grateful to my staff that traveled with me to debates and town hall meetings all over the district, and to all of our volunteers that worked so hard throughout the campaign.”

As Obama wins re-election, Romney out of sight

His reach for the presidency thwarted, Mitt Romney stayed out of sight late Tuesday as news organizations including The Associated Press announced that President Barack Obama had won a second term. Dejected Romney supporters milled around a hotel ballroom where the Republican hopeful had planned to declare victory and groaned as key battlegrounds moved Obama's way. Obama's victory in closely fought Ohio narrowed Romney's path to the 270 electoral vote. The Democrat also was declared the winner in other swing states including New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Colorado and Iowa. Michigan and Pennsylvania, which Republicans hoped to put in play, stayed in Obama's camp as well. Florida and Virginia remained too close to call. Romney supporters cheered a win in North Carolina, which Obama captured four years ago. But it was a rare prize in an evening that broadly favored the presidency.

Kinkaid, Grobe win county commission seats

In what many have considered a huge upset, John Kinkaid beat Dave DeRose 3,130 to 2,669 to win the race for county commissioner of District 1. Prior to receiving the results, Kinkaid said he wasn’t as nervous as he thought he would be throughout the day. “It’s been a great day. This whole thing’s been a great adventure. People have been so wonderful to me,” Kinkaid said.