Moffat County voting in the primary elections

The Moffat County primary election is drawing near. Voting day is on June 24, and will determine at least one county race and help decide several state contests. Local Republicans will be deciding on the commissioner race. Tom Soos, emergency management coordinator for Moffat County will be running against Frannk Moe, owner of Best Western Deer Park Inn & Suites for the District 3 County Commissioner seat, currently occupied by Tom Mathers. Both candidates will be on the Republican ticket along with other people running uncontestsed for local seats and state campaigners seeking higher offices.

Government update for May 9

The government update for May 9.

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Craig Fire Board elections keep incumbents in their seats

Three Craig Fire Board incumbents running against Bruce Timberg, a Craig resident who criticized the board, secured their seats for another four years Tuesday. Chris Nichols, John Forgay and Tony Maneotis ran against Timberg for four-year terms for the Craig Rural Fire Protection District Board. Board member Rodney Kowach was running, as well, but he was running uncontested for a two-year term since he was appointed to the position in 2013, after Alan Weber left.

Mike Littwin: GOP race for governor still a mad toss-up

As a longtime (really, really longtime) political pundit, I’m embarrassed to say I have no idea who is going to win the Republican primary for governor. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure no one else does either.

Republican candidates emerge from the district and state assemblies

During the weekend, nearly 20 Moffat County voters took part in the election process by heading to Denver for the Republican State Assembly. The Moffat County delegates attended the district and state assemblies to help determine which Republican candidates would make it onto the June primary.

Moffat County delegates head to Denver for the Republican State Assembly

About 20 Moffat County voters are spending their weekend in Denver to take part in the democratic process. Delegates for the assembly were selected early in the election process at the Moffat County Republican caucuses in early March. Then, at the county assembly in March, those numbers were narrowed to 19 delegates and two alternatives who would head to the mid-April district and state assemblies.

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Candidate for sheriff addresses Bears Ears Tea Party

KC Hume, operations chief for Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, and candidate for Sheriff addressed the Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots Thursday night. Hume recently became the uncontested candidate for the open sheriff seat. At the Republican County Assembly on March 29, Hume received overwhelming support from the delegates, and his only opponent, Deputy Larry Dalton, did not get the necessary minimum delegate vote to move forward in the election.

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Candidate for state attorney general visits Craig

Chief Deputy Attorney General for Colorado, Cynthia Coffman, who is campaigning to be the state’s next attorney general, visited Craig Monday as part of her Western Slope meet and greet tour. Community members were welcome to come to the event at The Memorial Hospital, get to know the candidate and talk about the political issues currently facing Northwest Colorado.

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Moffat County Republican Assembly determines what candidates will be on primary ballot

Moffat County Republican delegates gathered Saturday for the County Assembly to decide, among other things, what local candidates would make it onto the June primary ballot. The only contested races have been the county sheriff seat and the District 3 county commissioner seat. Tom Soos, coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management, is running against Frank Moe, owner of the Best Western Inn and Suites for commissioner. Both candidates got the necessary 30 percent delegate votes to move forward in the election.

County assembly will determine which local candidates can get on the ballot

Candidates for Moffat County elected offices, this Saturday, will be one step closer to the election. The Republican County Assembly will bring together the local delegates, voted on in the county caucuses, to choose which candidates they want to be put onto the June primary ballot.

Candidates for governor making their names known across the state

A total of 15 Coloradoans are vying for the executive office in the state. Gov. John Hickenlooper is up against several Republicans, one Democrat and a handful of Independents. That will change after the state assemblies, when the parties decide who they want to be their candidates. The assemblies on April 12 will gather delegates from across the state to vote for who they want to run for elected office.

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Energy hot topic at Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots candidate forum

The Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots hosted a forum Thursday night to hear from Moffat County Commissioner John Kinkaid about his recent visit to Washington, D.C., to attend a National Association of Counties steering committee on energy, environment and land-use issues. The event in Craig also provided a forum for candidates running for the District 3 county commissioner seat opening up in 2015.