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Moffat County generously supports children who have developmental disabilities and their families

Children with developmental disabilities and their families are supported by the generosity of Moffat County residents who have donated $17,000 to Horizons Specialized Services Little Points of Light direct mail fundraising campaign.

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Across the Street: Keeping an eye on education

Happy New Year and what a year it is shaping up to be. While President-elect Trump is poised to take office this month, and we expect changes, there are big things close to home that are beginning to unfold including bills in the state legislature and action at the state board of education.

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Weekend Roundup: Good food, good fundraising, good fun

The snow is piling up in Northwest Colorado lately, and whether you’ve decided to stick it out going out and about or never leaving home this weekend, there’s something for you.

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European exchange students at Moffat County High School shatter stereotypes

Four exchange students from Europe are spending the school year at Moffat County High School where they are shattering stereotypes held by others and some of their own, as they adapt to life in rural America.

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2 Moffat County graduates are now Marines

In three short months two 2016 Moffat County graduates changed from boys to men to Marines.

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GOAL Academy receives state's highest academic achievement level

Craig drop-in center joins 27 other centers in providing education to at-risk students

GOAL Academy has received the highest academic achievement level for alternative education campuses based on the Colorado Department of Education’s 2016 School Performance Framework.

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Craig Middle School student’s 20Time project raises money for River Watch

Craig Middle School eight-grade student Kayce Pierce spent 20 percent of her time in science enrichment class on a photography project that has resulted in sales of roughly $850. Profits will go to benefit the school’s River Watch program.

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Moffat County Locals: Shannon Samuelson a ‘team player’ in educational experience

Even after seeing nearly three decades worth of students, Shannon Samuelson is still going strong when it comes to teaching within Moffat County School District.

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Shortest day of the year celebrated at The TANK in Rangely

The shortest day of the year was celebrated with caroling and an impromptu sound session Dec. 21 at The TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely. “It is a celebration of the community and appreciation for our volunteers, in addition to the volunteer dinner next month,” said Mary-Ann Greanier, interim executive director and founding member of Friends of The TANK.

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Audit dings Moffat County High School for 27 items of concern

Comprehensive reports from the state facilities audit expected in late January

Moffat County School District underwent two audits this fall — an accessibility audit of the high school by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights and a comprehensive facilities audit by the Colorado Department of Education Division of Capitol Construction.

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Jimmy Westlake: An evening star for Christmas

On Christmas Eve, dazzling Venus will appear only 2 degrees from the star Gamma Capricorni, also known by the lovely name Nashira, which means “bringing good tidings.” What