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Editorial: Web wisdom

It's a technology-driven world we live in today, and information in an accessible location is vital.

It seems our Moffat County officials are picking up on this.

In a display of progressive thinking and action, county officials are preparing to launch a new county website, http://www.colorado.gov/moffatcounty, with expanded and updated content.

Officials who have worked on the new site, which is scheduled to go live Sept. 14, described it as a vast improvement over the old URL, http://www.co.moffat.co.us.

To some, the new website may seem like a project that should be low on the county's to-do list, but that's exactly the same short-sighted thinking that's doomed county government in the past, and the not-so distant past.

The Editorial Board considers the new website project a valuable endeavor that will benefit both the public county government is supposed to serve, as well as outside people and perhaps businesses hoping to learn more about our county as potential destinations.

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The website will enable county officials to communicate better with their taxpaying public, and more professionally present county business and affairs.

The current website, with its antiquated navigation and outdated information, doesn't do either of these things.

An additional advantage of the project is that it's come at no cost to the county, outside of hours spent by employees working on it. The county contracted with the Statewide Internet Portal Authority to provide an updated layout template and hosting services.

If there is one hitch, at least in the Editorial Board's opinion, it's the new URL.

It's generally better to have a shorter, more concise URL than the one Moffat County's new site will have, but that's a relatively mild complaint.

Besides, anything is an improvement over the old URL.

At any rate, the new website perhaps doesn't rate on the same scale as the county lobbying against Colorado House Bill 10-1365 or to secure energy rights in Vermillion Basin, but it is nonetheless a wise, proactive measure, and one needed to better serve the community in these tech-heavy times.

Our View

Moffat County officials made a sensible decision to upgrade its archaic and difficult to navigate website. Their decision to launch a new, user-friendly site shows progressive thinking and could benefit both area residents and those unfamiliar with the county hoping to learn more.

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