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Editorial: Uncommon cold

It's not even one month since the official start of the season, and already this winter has been enough to make us forget about last year's dry, dreary debacle.

Since mid-December, the Yampa Valley has been hit with several back-to-back punches: significant snowfall followed by arctic cold.

The evidence of the snowfall is pretty evident. It lines our curbs, is packed tightly on top of our roads and sidewalks, and is sliding and settling on our roofs.

In some places, such a volume of snow in such a short time period would result in a disaster on the roads. While driving certainly hasn't been easy in Northwest Colorado in the past month, the editorial board contends that — as usual — the City of Craig and Moffat County have done a stellar job of snow removal.

The roads have been as clean as one could expect considering the conditions, sand and scoria have been readily distributed, and the snow piles and banks have been kept at reasonable heights and depths.

The editorial board would like to thank the road and bridge departments at both the city and county level for their attentive work. Board members also remind the residents of Moffat County to remain vigilant when it comes to removing snow from private businesses and residences.

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There's no doubt keeping up with a rocky mountain winter can be difficult, especially when you run out of space to pile the snow. However maintaining your property is important not only to the aesthetic appeal of the Moffat County community, but also to the safety of its residents — especially during winter.

Although it seems like Craig was spared from even more snow in a storm predicted to hit this past weekend, we certainly weren't spared from the bitter cold that recently has followed a snowstorms. Some reports put the temperature Monday in Craig at as low as -41.

When temperatures are that dangerously low, it is safe and smart to stay sheltered as much as possible.

However for some residents, their livelihood depends on being outside. Postal workers, delivery men and women, those is snow removal and, yes, even those who deliver the newspaper all must face the brutal conditions in order to pay the bills.

The editorial board thanks these individuals for their dedication and help in making sure life goes on in Moffat County regardless of the weather. We hope for their sake, Jack Frost's bite is a little less severe for the rest of the season.

Editorial board members:

• Matt Beckett

— Community representative

• Brad King

— Community representative

• Allan Reishus

— Community representative

• Bryce Jacobson

— Newspaper representative

• Jerry Martin

— Newspaper representative

Our View

Given the amount of snowfall Moffat County has seen over the past month, the editorial board wants to thank those responsible for the excellent road maintenance and snow removal our area has received, and also to remind residents to stay vigilant in their own snow removal efforts. And with arctic-cold spells seemingly on the heels of every snowfall, board members also wanted to give credit to those individuals tasked with facing the brutal conditions as part of their livelihood.

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