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Editorial: Too loose with spruce

To borrow a phrase from Craig Daily Press contributor Mary Pat Dunn, "Big white," also known as the long and sometimes grueling Northwest Colorado winter, is closing in.

That annual passing of the seasons means several lifestyle changes for local residents. From the river, we go to the ski slopes; from little league and adult softball games, we turn to Sundays — and hopefully victorious ones — with the Broncos; and from lawn-mowing, hedging and weed-eating, we begin snow-shoveling and de-icing.

Our time with decent weather is dwindling, and snow will soon be here.

With this small window, the Editorial Board encourages some local residents to take one last opportunity to do something about their properties.

Each year, there is a plea made in this space for people with excessive junk, trash, and other ugly or potentially hazardous materials to be good community stewards and tidy things up.

Our city code enforcement officers, our public employees with the unenviable task of warning and citing people for violations, have done a good job of cracking down on some property owners.

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But, to the Editorial Board at least, it seems their job is monumental, at least when it comes to some properties, and progress is measured by inches instead of leaps and bounds.

The point is, it seems our city officials have gotten serious about code enforcement, and are doing what they can to improve the area's aesthetics.

Also falling into this category are organizations like the Craig Beautification Committee — year-after-year, volunteers seem to make a large dent in a previously blighted area — and an assortment of proactive residents who have taken the initiative to restore or renovate their homes.

But, our community is a long way from picturesque in some places.

To residents whose homes are in need of de-cluttering and improvement, Editorial Board members ask that they consider their neighbors.

The property values of others are impacted by your mess, so if you're not apt to clean things up for yourself, then do it for them, because they sure can't do it for you.

With winter bearing down on us, please take the little time we have left and spruce things up. It's a lot easier working in our current weather conditions than fighting the snow and cold.

And to the city and our code enforcement officers, thanks for looking out for the community's best interests, even if your job sometimes seems impossible.

Our View

As another long winter inches closer, some local residents need to take advantage of the good weather and clean things up a bit. The city and some organizations and residents have taken the lead, now we all need to follow.

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