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Editorial: Time for a decision

It's said that marijuana causes slow reaction times.

Given the Moffat County Commission's recent bout of inaction, the same must apply to governing bodies attempting to decide rules regulating medical marijuana dispensaries.

During a special meeting June 11, the three-member commission again extended its moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. The moratorium prohibits dispensaries from opening in unincorporated parts of the county for six months.

The county originally approved its moratorium in December 2009. It's been six months from then to now, and our county is no closer to resolving the question on dispensaries.

It should be noted that state voters have already done most of the work for Moffat County and other jurisdictions by approving medical marijuana.

The commission's stated reason for extending the moratorium is that it needs time to form a county policy that conforms with Colorado House Bill 10-1284, a regulatory bill signed into law June 1 that addresses several issues surrounding the medical marijuana industry in Colorado.

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There may be some logic in that decision, but it seems to the Editorial Board that the commission has had plenty of time to review the bill and implement measures that agree with the will of state voters, who have already stated their preference concerning the industry.

And, the commission floating the idea of perhaps putting medical marijuana issues before voters in November is also misguided.

November's election, not to mention August's primary, is a critically important election for our state, and particularly for Moffat County.

Those elected will shape our immediate future, a daunting task in today's difficult economy.

Voters have voiced their opinions on medical marijuana. They don't need to be saddled with an additional burden on Election Day, and no one needs the added expense.

It's time the commission embraces the responsibility the public has given it and makes a decision on this issue.

Passing another moratorium, or passing the buck onto voters, makes no sense and shows indecision.

State regulations change. Moffat County can change as those regulations do.

Until then, the commission needs to embrace its role and make the best decision it can instead of sitting on the sidelines for another six months.

Our View

Moffat County Commission’s inaction on medical marijuana and its consideration of passing the measure onto voters is a failure by the governing body and contrary to the public’s best interest.

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