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Editorial: The right reasons

It hasn't been the easiest of years for many in our country, or community.

A troubled and uncertain economy has claimed jobs, reduced incomes and caused stress for many families across the United States, not to mention Craig and Moffat County. 

While an end to these hard financial times is perhaps the best gift our country could receive nearing the end of the year, it's not realistic to expect that wish will come true just yet.

This healing will happen, of this the Editorial Board has no doubt, but it must be allowed to occur naturally and at its own pace.

But, given these difficult times we find ourselves in, and that our society is sometimes a jaded and cynical one, it wouldn't take much for many to look at Thanksgiving this year and question what's out there to be thankful for.

However, there are many people who have reasons — real reasons, reasons beyond the materialistic — to be thankful, the Editorial Board contends. More than likely, you out there reading this opinion piece are one of those many.

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Many of us are blessed with the gifts of loyal friends and loving family; of living in a kind and caring community; of the strength and perseverance to get through these times of hardship; and of having the hope and faith for more stable, prosperous days, weeks and months to come.

Consider that Thursday.

Think about the people and things that really matter that you have in your life. 

Editorial Board members are willing to bet anyone doubtful of their reasons to be thankful can surely find plenty of them with the right perspective.

Enjoy your holiday Thursday, and spend it in good spirits and without worry.

Our View

Although the economy continues to take its toll, and there’s much in the way of uncertainty, there nonetheless remains plenty of reasons for many Craig and Moffat County residents to be thankful this holiday season. All that’s required to find these reasons is a little optimism and the right perspective.

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