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Editorial: The right blend

Economic development, specifically tools for successful economic development, were primary topics discussed during Monday's editorial board meeting.

Betsy Nauman Cook, director of the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership, briefly met with board members to discuss legislation threatening enterprise zones in rural communities (see related story, page 1).

But, it's not the enterprise zone this opinion piece centers on today. We'll take on that topic down the road.

Rather, it was a story that appeared on Monday's front page of the Craig Daily Press that captured our attention.

The story, written by CDP reporter Joe Moylan, was about a family-owned and operated bakery called Mauka — Hawaiian for "toward the mountains" — opening next month inside the building that was once Outdoor Connections.

What caught the editorial board's attention was the recipe that seems to be at the center of the new restaurant's business approach — creativity, customer care, and uniqueness.

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Only time will tell whether Mauka will successfully navigate the difficult road of a new small business. In three months, the endeavor could very well go under.

However, given the three core values the restaurant seems to emphasize, the editorial board believes Mauka and its' management have as good a chance as any to be successful.

A thriving economy for any city has to have the right blend of chain offerings and unique, privately owned businesses.

Mauka, with its blend of themes, cultures and products, certainly fits the unique category, and could provide downtown Craig with the shot in the arm it sorely needs.

The editorial board also believes the business could be an example to other small start-ups on offering products and services that break the mold, that don't fit neatly into one category and appeal to customers wanting something different.

It is singularity, particularly in this downtrodden economic time, that can separate small businesses and give customers a reason to come back.

We wish the owners and operators of Mauka the best of luck with their new venture.

If the operation of the business matches its stated priorities, we're betting the business won't need luck, and that success will be its byproduct.

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Editorial board members:

• Al Cashion

— Community representative

• Bryce Jacobson

— Newspaper representative

• Bridget Manley

— Newspaper representative

• Chris Nichols

— Community representative

• Jeff Pleasant

— Community representative

• Joshua Roberts

— Newspaper representative

Our View

Creativity, uniqueness and customer care seem to be at the core of a new business slated to open next month in Craig. Time will tell whether the business is successful, but in general those areas of emphasis should be at the core of all new ventures, particularly in this downtrodden economy.

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