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Editorial: Stamp it and send it

It appears the Craig City Council was wise in its decision to conduct an all-mail ballot election this year.

In the face of slumping voter turnout, something had to be done to bolster participation.

The Editorial Board was impressed to learn this week that 1,119 residents have returned ballots so far, officials said.

Although that number is high, it's only about a third of our town participating in the election. We can only hope more people return their ballots by April 5.

We'd like to see more than a 50-percent return rate and we don't think that's asking too much.

However, it's not enough to simply fill out a ballot and return it. It's critical residents take time to become informed about the issues facing our city in the future and learn where candidates stand on the issues.

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Frankly, participation in local candidate forums has been meager, at best, and that's disappointing.

But, it doesn't take much to get to know the candidates in a small town like Craig.

Pick up the phone, stop them in the grocery store, or ask friends or family. The Craig Daily Press also offers a wide array of information on the candidates at http://www.craigdailypress.com/election.

While some Editorial Board members are unimpressed with the candidates and others think we have a strong field of council hopefuls, it's clear we're lucky to have such a diverse selection.

In this election, we have both new candidates with backgrounds in different professions in addition to incumbent city council members that have steered our community for some time now.

It says a lot about our town that six candidates have stepped forward for three seats. For some reason, these people want to take the heat and criticism that comes with holding public office and that's admirable.

There has also been talk in the community about how elections in Craig and Moffat County seem like a game of political musical chairs with little new blood getting into the mix.

If voters feel that way, or even the opposite, the solution is not more political apathy. There are a number of issues facing our city and this is not the time to throw away a ballot and a chance to have a say in the matter.

You can have your voice heard and direct the future of our city on a basic level by simply sticking a stamp on your ballot and tossing it in the mail.

We hope you do just that.

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Our View

Statistics reveal 1,119 ballots for Craig’s municipal election have been returned to officials as of Tuesday. While that number is encouraging and more votes received by the city in recent elections, more than 2,000 votes are still out. For the election to be successful, there needs to be a higher turnout than roughly one-third.

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