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Editorial: Service industries

Listen throughout the day on any particular day in Craig and Moffat County, and you're bound at least once or twice to hear the peace and quiet interrupted by emergency sirens.

Those sirens sometimes belong to the volunteers at Craig Fire/Rescue, who answer an assortment of calls ranging from medical assists to fires to vehicle crashes, among others.

The sirens don't ring out all day, but they certainly happen enough to know the fire department volunteers are called at random times on any given day.

That includes workdays.

The Editorial Board contends it's a compliment to not only the fire department volunteers for their service, but also the Craig and Moffat County business community for allowing the firefighters a flexible work schedule.

It's no secret our community wouldn't be as strong without the public service Craig Fire/Rescue provides, including in times of emergency, when lives are possibly at stake.

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But, businesses that employ them are also unheralded.

That business owners and managers grant the volunteers permission to serve — and calls can happen multiple times during a workday, adding challenges to employers trying to be profitable — is invaluable.

In a day and age when businesses are facing challenges due to an uncertain and shaky economy, our community is fortunate that we have employers who also place an emphasis on public service.

It's one attribute you wouldn't necessarily see in more populated areas.

The Editorial Board commends the fire department volunteers and their employers, and is pleased there exists such a valuable private-public partnership in our community.

We hope it continues well into the future.

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Our View

Craig and Moffat County business owners and managers who allow employees to serve Craig Fire/Rescue deserve kudos for putting community service and volunteerism before the best interest of their companies. Businesses that allow their employees to be on call are critical to the fire department serving the public.

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