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Editorial: Road fever

It's no bold revelation to state that driving on Colorado Highway 13 north of Craig can be dangerous.

With narrow to non-existent shoulders, limited visibility and poor overall condition in certain places, the road itself can be downright treacherous, especially in the winter.

However, the challenges of the road are nothing compared to the other danger that lurks on Highway 13 — the traffic ignorance and utter lack of concern for fellow travelers exhibited by many motorists on the highway.

We've heard about or seen the crashes plenty of times before, and given the behavior of some, it's a miracle there aren't more of them.

As Editorial Board members noted during their Monday meeting, it seems obedience to traffic laws and concern for other motorists lessens dramatically each year on Highway 13.

This, board members contend, is not only regrettable, but it also represents a significant danger to other drivers who abide by the law and carefully navigate the highway.

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It is also true that the highway is in desperate need of major repairs and improvements. Some parts of the highway have been overhauled and improved, but most of it still needs help.

But, is that help coming?

With local and state governments slashing budgets, it's doubtful anyone has the money to upgrade the highway to the point it needs to be. So, the safety burden falls on motorists.

The Editorial Board isn't advocating for additional patrols along Highway 13, just that drivers use common sense and be courteous of others.

If you're driving recklessly, being inconsiderate of difficult conditions that exist, you're likely putting not only yourself at risk, but also someone else.

No one wants to learn about another accident up north.

More importantly, no one wants friends or loved ones injured or killed because of your impatience and ignorance.

Our View

Safety issues have typically plagued stretches of Colorado Highway 13 north of Craig, and with government funding for infrastructure continually shrinking, it’s unlikely those issues will be resolved anytime soon. Until improvements are made, it’s up to motorists to be mindful of others on the roadway.

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