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Editorial: Respect part of routine

The list of Veterans Day-related services and ceremonies was impressive last week in Craig and Moffat County, our small community that exhibits fairly extraordinary acts of patriotism on a fairly ordinary basis.

The list included an educational and honorable presentation at Moffat County High School; a thoughtful luncheon for veterans and their families hosted by a local business; a dinner at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265; and the culmination of a fundraiser for veterans at a local bowling alley.

These events reflected a bigger picture of our community.

It's safe to say, at least for Editorial Board members, that support for all veterans runs deep here in our hometown, where honoring veterans doesn't just happen once a year — it fills up the calendar year-round.

We appreciate the sacrifices of our brave servicemen and women, no matter the circumstances of the conflict they were involved in. Politics, it seems, and thankfully so, doesn't matter.

That trend has taken root throughout our country.

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To the regret of Editorial Board members, this wasn't always the case.

Many Vietnam veterans, already scarred from a long and brutal war, came home to find a country far from appreciative and respectful of their efforts, deepening their wounds. Their unjust treatment is an ugly chapter in American history, and one that can never be rewritten.

But, times have changed, and as bad as America treated those brave and noble Vietnam veterans, it appears our country has learned it's lesson. We've changed our tune dramatically, and rightfully so.

Veterans are to be appreciated and respected.

This doesn't need to happen just on Veterans Day or the handful of other holidays when our country turns attention to those who have served, or are serving, in a hostile place in the name of defending freedom.

It can and should happen much more often.

However, this is a message many Craig and Moffat County residents do not need to be reminded of.

After all, our community seems to be blessed with an ingrained sense of patriotism and a respect for all who defend our country.

It's a less heralded aspect of our community, but one for which this Editorial Board is extremely grateful.

Our View

In Craig and Moffat County, honoring veterans with due and proper respect isn’t just a once-a-year occurrence. In our community, appreciating the sacrifices of servicemen and women happens year-round, a fact many other towns and cities can’t claim.

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