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Editorial: Progress limps forward

Inside today's newspaper, you'll find the Moving Forward section, Moffat County's 2010 Progress Edition. The section takes a look at four categories — commercial, infrastructure, economy, and health care facilities.

Compared to last year, the number of developments has definitely waned.

But, it's in the developments our community does have that Editorial Board members find reassurance. The future of our community in general, and our economy specifically, is a potentially bright one, board members believe.

The economy, it seems, is like a topical bad penny.

It lingers, is always at the forefront of people's minds, and you'd be hard pressed to find many who don't consider the economy our country's most pressing concern.

Still, as evidenced by the Progress Edition, there are signs that our community is in better shape than most.

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Development, although somewhat limited, is at least happening.

There is modest growth in the commercial sector, and the energy industry has some irons in the fire, as well, that represent potential future endeavors. And, three of our health care facilities are experiencing positive momentum with patient volume.

All told, the stories paint a picture of an economy that may not necessarily be bustling right now, but one that is navigating uncertainty without raising the white flag of surrender.

That's the good news for our community's economy.

What's the rub?

That complete economic recovery hinges on an intangible no one can predict — consumer confidence.Right now, it's questionable whether many people are comfortable enough to spend money freely.

Our community and a lot of others need consumer confidence to bounce back. Businesses need to stay busy with customers so they can maintain jobs, and money needs to circulate in order for growth to occur.

For now, the Editorial Board contends the public can be thankful that some positive movement is happening regarding development. We're not quite at a stand-still, and considering the current circumstances, the absence of a negative can be considered a victory.

Our View

Development has curtailed this year in Craig and Moffat County, and that’s to be expected in a difficult and uncertain economy. But, there is some progress, and that’s to be appreciated, particularly now.

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