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Editorial: Natural resources

Last fall, the Craig Daily Press released 101 Things to do in Moffat County, a 56-page guide outlining various activities in our community.

The introduction to this publication was titled, "Your wide-open playground," a fitting description of our vast and beautiful county, and all it has to offer.

At its most recent meeting, Editorial Board members discussed the Craig and Moffat County community and the various natural amenities, settings and places that make our area special.

There are almost 30 special places listed in 101 Things to do in Moffat County, but there are certainly untold more in

our area.

However, Editorial Board members contend that not enough of our community residents either know about these places, or take advantage of them.

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And that's a sad reality.

In today's tough economy, people could probably save much in the way of their travel/vacation budgets if they simply just took more advantage of what our county has to offer.

Out-of-town trips are nice and definitely worth it now and then, but, to the Editorial Board, you can find plenty of places of beauty, wonder and outdoor entertainment right here in our own backyard.

Staying home and tapping into this county's outdoor areas is a cheaper option, family-friendly and, Editorial Board members are willing to bet, a more adventurous and fulfilling one.

So, for those of you who aren't quite familiar with the hidden places and gems that make our community such a special place, do yourselves a favor and get in touch with either the Moffat County Tourism Association or the Craig Chamber of Commerce today.

Those organizations can give you an assortment of materials to acquaint you with places that are absolutely amazing, especially this time of year with the weather being so cooperative.

And, don't worry. As the introduction to 101 Things stated, our county is vast, a "wide-open playground." You won't run out of fun things to do quickly.

Our view

Craig and Moffat County area has many vast and wondrous places for residents and visitors alike. Sadly, many of these locations are an untapped resource for segments of the community, and that’s to their own detriment.

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