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Editorial: LSRV supremacy

What's in the water in Baggs?

Whatever it is, the athletes in the small Wyoming town north of Craig should happily continue to partake because it's obviously working.

The Little Snake River Valley School, which participates in the state's 1A class, recently completed another championship athletic season.

The Rattlers won the six-man football state championship in the fall, and recently added another title, another banner for the school, and more memories for fans and parents, by winning the state basketball championship in boys basketball.

And, the winning ways on the hardwood aren't limited to the boys. The girls basketball team, after having a tremendous regular season, took third in the state.

The Editorial Board wants to congratulate the LSRV coaches, players, and not to be underestimated, parents, for their most recent tremendous athletic achievement.

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Championships, no matter the sport and level of competition, are usually rare, and in those times when they happen, should be both lauded and appreciated.

We hope in the afterglow of winning, the Rattlers and their supporters understand just how special their teams' accomplishments this school year have been.

It might not come around again for a while, so enjoy it all you can today.

After all, glory in sports is sometimes fleeting, and getting back to a championship level sometimes elusive.

But, please don't confuse the Editorial Board's praise.

We're fans of the hometown Moffat County High School Bulldogs, first and foremost.

We're proud of our sports teams — just as we are our academic squads and other extracurricular groups — but that doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize the success of our neighbors to the north from afar, or turn our attention to them after our teams have ended their seasons.

So congratulations, LSRV, for your accomplishments.

Two state titles in a season is a display of athletic dominance.

However, forgive us for talking about more. The comments of one boys basketball player following the Rattlers' state championship win has us thinking.

The track and field season is here.

Can you make it a perfect three-for-three?

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Our View

The Little Snake River Valley School in Baggs, Wyo., has had an amazing year in athletics, first bringing home a state title in football and now one in boys varsity basketball. Championships don’t come easy, and the Rattlers should be commended for their hard work, effort and dedication.

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