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Editorial: Libraries leaping forward

It's been an active several weeks for the Moffat County Libraries.

In May, library officials unveiled a completed renovation project at the Maybell branch, a small but charming and frequently used facility west of Craig.

And, earlier this week, the library rolled out its Summer Reading Program, a valuable tool in getting younger generations introduced to recreational reading, and keeping older generations involved with the activity.

This is on top of another feather in the library's cap — it's gradual convergence with offering an assortment of multi-media and non-traditional library materials, and joining the technology movement by offering online services.

It's the Editorial Board's opinion that our county's library system has done a wonderful job in recent years, and that continued success is vital to the community.

Without a strong library, communities simply aren't as viable. They are hindered by not having a central outlet to seek and acquire knowledge.

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That our library system has been proactive with renovations, expanding services and making services more tech-friendly indicates it is highly committed to what should be the primary goal of every library — providing local residents with an information hub.

Whereas in the past our local library was sometimes contentious, it seems a new administration at the top has served the staff and patrons quite well.

The news and noise the library makes now almost solely stems from positive accomplishments such as new programs, offerings or things like the Maybell renovations.

A library, it should also be noted, is a good resource for people during tough economic times.

From the materials it offers to services such as the Internet, the library can serve residents' needs at a cost that's all too desirable today — free.

The Editorial Board wanted to use this space today to not only commend the libraries for its forward momentum of late, but also encourage residents who don't use the library to give it a shot.

Chances are, no matter what type of information you're looking for, the friendly and helpful staff at the library can help you find it.

If you're not familiar with the library, take time when you have it and visit any of the branches and explore.

Editorial Board members are betting you'll like what you find.

Our View

Moffat County Libraries should be commended for recent improvements, as well as variety of programs being offered, especially this summer. Library has also done well to stay on top of technology, a must in today’s tech-savvy society.

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