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Editorial: Far from finished

It's a sad but true reality that, at least at times, the Craig and Moffat County way is to complain about a problem rather than take action.

This is true in areas such as economic development and recreational activities, both of which a vocal contingent believes there is a shortage of.

But, that sentiment doesn't apply when considering Craig resident Gregg Kolbaba and the volunteers who have helped launch Thunder Ridge Motor Sports Park south of Craig.

The sports park, which has hosted two events so far and has another slated for this weekend, is an important and ambitious attempt at providing the community with an entertainment venue and a boost to the economy.

Although attendance hasn't been booming at either of the two events so far, and the track has kinks to work out, the Editorial Board commends Kolbaba and the volunteers for their efforts in putting together something positive for the community.

The track development has required numerous hours of work to get to this point, and Editorial Board members are confident it will be successful as the operation is refined and an audience builds.

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The development, board members contend, simply needs time to mature.

But, in one respect, timing couldn't be better for the birth of Thunder Ridge.

Our community has long-needed a racetrack to keep local dollars here rather than allowing money to leak to the Hayden Speedway, and with the speedway taking this season off to smooth out its own operational issues, a window exists for Thunder Ridge to pluck away drivers and spectators.

There's an opportunity for our community to capitalize on a potentially viable racing market.

The Editorial Board is pleased that the people behind Thunder Ridge recognize as much and are doing something about it, going against the local tradition that sometimes exists of whine first and do something never.

— Editorial Board member Gregg Kolbaba, who owns and operates Thunder Ridge Motor Sports Park, did not participate in Tuesday's discussion regarding the racetrack.

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Our View

A common practice in Craig and Moffat County is to complain about a problem rather than do something about it. However, the same can’t be said for the developer and volunteers behind Thunder Ridge Motor Sports Park. Although there are kinks to be worked out at the racetrack, the new development is an important, ambitious venture that deserves community support.

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