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Editorial: Education appreciation

We live in a jaded society today that largely ignores respecting positions and institutions once valued.

Physicians, politicians, clergy, police — seemingly no one is immune from today's heightened scrutiny and criticism.

Teachers, a group second only to parents in the hierarchy of importance to a child's life, are no different in this erosion of appreciation.

When once teachers were widely respected and their contributions embraced, today society seems to take a different view.

Our educators fight a tough battle each day in teaching children short on attention spans; overcoming shrinking parental involvement; and working through restrictions placed on them by an overall broken educational system and a shortsighted emphasis on test scores.

Criticism is appropriate when necessary, but the Editorial Board feels sometimes teachers are hammered with too much of it.

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Should we weed out teachers who are just coasting through their jobs, educating and inspiring no one, doing just enough to earn a safe paycheck and summers and holidays off?


Is that the case with all teachers?

Absolutely not.

Our community is fortunate to have a number of dedicated and talented educators in the Moffat County School District, the Editorial Board contends.

It's true test scores in our school district are not as strong as they should be, but the board believes this to be a failing shared by the whole community as well as the district.

Still, our district has many educators doing right by our students each day.

It's to them we say thank you.

And, it's to you — the reader — we encourage to help recognize them.

At the beginning of next month, the Editorial Board will sift through nominations for its 2010-11 Teacher of the Year. The award, now in its sixth year, honors a local teacher for his or her commitment to students.

The deadline to submit entries is 5 p.m. April 29. Forms can be found at http://www.craigdailypress.com/teacher or by visiting the Daily Press, 466 Yampa Ave.

Selecting the winner is never an easy task for the Editorial Board, and we find that having a vast and worthy field of candidates is a compliment to our school district.

The board hopes you take a little bit of time in the next few days to recognize someone you feel makes a big difference.

Call it a chance to restore the respect sometimes wrongfully withheld from these valued contributors.

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Our View

The Moffat County School District is fortunate to have numerous dedicated teachers who are second only to parents in importance to a child’s development. More needs to be done to embrace these teachers and provide a system that helps them prepare our students for life outside of the classroom.

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