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Editorial: Economic engine revving at Speedway

For those attending tonight's racing at the Hayden Speedway, take note that it is Fan Appreciation Night.

Appreciation is also what track regulars are likely feeling this season due to the numerous renovations organizers made in the offseason.

Donations from area companies and volunteer efforts were behind the renovations, which included leveling out the grand stands, improving the pit area, putting down cement for concession stands and installing a new emergency access road, among other safety measures.

The renovations provide a noticeably different and superior Speedway for fans and drivers alike, Editorial Board members contend.

And, you can't discount another fact this board believes to be true — that the Speedway, it seems so far this season, appears to be operating more efficiently.

All told, these are signs that Speedway officials are not content to just rest on the product they have, but enhance it for the future. Improving the product, for drivers and crews and fans all the same, is key to getting more attendance.

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The Speedway is drawing OK now, but more numbers could only be beneficial to Craig and Moffat County.

A better Speedway equals a better regional attraction and a bigger draw.

That translates to our community receiving a trickle down effect of business at our restaurants, gas stations and in some cases, hotels, broadening the tax base.

Who needs a stimulus package when we have the tools, events, and capability that, when coupled with a little proactive forethought, can bolster our own economy?

Visitors will find cheaper admission prices on tonight's Fan Appreciation Night, so if you haven't been to the Speedway before, now's a golden, and economical, opportunity.

By investing in the track and its future, Speedway officials have shown they appreciate people coming out to watch the track action.

For this board, and now hopefully many others, that appreciation is a two-way street.

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