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Editorial: Competing at a cost

A key and exciting aspect to every new school year in Moffat County is student activities.

And by activities, the Editorial Board means all student endeavors outside the classroom, not just sports.

Our students here in Moffat County are blessed with a number of talents that are displayed in a variety of ways, and it's in this selection that the community should be assured that our youth are being offered the chance at a well-rounded educational experience.

However, providing our students platforms to perform or compete in these activities comes at a cost.

For school district administrators, that means finding money in an increasingly shrinking budget, and for parents it means paying money for fees and admission into performances or games.

Editorial Board members understand that these fees, admission prices and other costs are necessary to keep the activities going.

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Still, that doesn't make it easier on parents, particularly single parents, struggling to make ends meet in this troubled economy.

For example, the cost for a parent to watch some MCHS varsity sporting events is $5. Coupled with participation fees, the cost to simply attend a child's games can add up quickly over the course of a school year.

It's a dilemma Editorial Board members concede is a difficult one to resolve.

The school district's budget capabilities are lessening and so, too, are those of its patrons.

And yet, most in the community would be loathe for district administrators to eliminate any extracurricular offerings.

So, what's to be done?

For now, the answer most likely mirrors many financial issues people are facing in these difficult times — stay the course, be as fiscally responsible as possible, and be hopeful and patient for more prosperous times ahead.

And, in the meantime, district officials should keep in mind the difficulty some parents can have in providing their children with extracurricular experiences and being able to watch them do so.

If there's anything to be done to lessen these expenses, it's worth pursuing.

Like so many costs today, even a little decrease, break or extra breathing room can go a long way.

Worthy of recognition

When it comes to fall sports, many tend to think of the Moffat County High School football and volleyball teams, and there's nothing wrong with that. Football and volleyball are two popular sports and the games are exciting to watch.

However, there are other teams playing this fall that also deserve a fan's attention.

One that's caught the Editorial Board's eye is the MCHS boys varsity soccer team.

The soccer team is an impressive 4-0 on the season, and coming off a 6-2 victory Saturday in Craig against Grand Junction. Next on their schedule is a Thursday match-up with rival Steamboat Springs on the road.

The soccer program has struggled at times at MCHS, and it's a nice change of pace to see our players having such early season success.

Players and coaches should be commended for their hard work, and the public should offer their support.

The Editorial Board wishes the soccer team good luck with not only bringing home victory number 5 on Thursday against rival Steamboat, but also with the rest of their schedule.

Our View

Student activities can be a financial burden for parents, particularly in these tough financial times. It’s a burden school district officials should consider relieving or lessening at some point. And, on the field, MCHS soccer team is making noise and the community should start paying attention.

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