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Editorial: Community against cancer

Craig Relay for Life organizers and participants set out to achieve a difficult goal this year, especially in an uneven economy, to combat an enemy that has touched almost everyone in some fashion or another.

They sought to raise $30,000 to contribute to the American Cancer Society for research into the disease.

And, they not only accomplished it, they surpassed it.

The annual event, hosted Friday night and Saturday morning at Moffat County High School, brought in $33,400.

That simple fact, that members of our community achieved this feat, should not be downplayed.

Our family members, friends and neighbors rallied around a singular cause, armed with nothing but good intentions, hope and a little grit, and hit the bull's eye they were aiming at.

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The fundraising total speaks to the giving spirit and charitable hearts that many of our Craig and Moffat County residents possess.

By now, with our community's generosity well established, we shouldn't be surprised at how much people here can accomplish when banding together.

To those who contributed, this Editorial Board, and numerous untold others who have lost loved ones or friends to cancer, offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

However, the Editorial Board has one criticism regarding efforts to battle cancer, and it's a mild one at best.

That is, could our community not have a singular entity that is focused year-round on providing support to local residents battling cancer?

It seems that our community often has fundraisers for those fighting the disease, and that's also commendable.

But, what about those people we don't hear about? Maybe they don't have friends willing to put together a fundraiser, or worse yet, maybe they don't have anyone in their lives at all.

Their obstacles are also great, medically and financially.

If they're being treated outside of town, the travel and room and board costs alone can be weighty. Is the formation of some kind of group with a specific purpose of lending aid to those suffering from the disease worth exploring?

Don't misunderstand.

These are simply questions, and not meant to steal praise, thanks or attention from the Relay for Life crew and their achievement. They did a great job Friday and Saturday.

Asking if more might be done for local residents is simply a thought, a possible consideration for the future, and a statement reinforcing how serious cancer has become and the number of people this disease unfortunately touches.

Our View

Craig Relay for Life surpassing its $30,000 fundraising goal is an admirable accomplishment, particularly in a struggling economy, and a testament to our community’s charitable ways. However, the question should be asked — can our community do more locally for those battling cancer?

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