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Editorial: Choosing our destiny — part 2

The conclusion of Wednesday's editorial — the first part of a two-part opinion piece — stated that "forward-looking projects and people are the key to a strong future for our community."

That idea is one that deserves to be expanded.

As wonderful as the Craig and Moffat County community is — unlike most places, residents here have a strong interest in local happenings and affairs, and are possessed by a tremendously giving spirit, among numerous other traits — there also exists a closed and at times stodgy culture to new ways and approaches.

It can be, on occasion, a zero tolerance stance.

However, to move the community forward, that is to shape a future built on economic and social diversity, our residents and public officials have to think beyond just keeping the status quo.

That means accepting and exploring new ideas that aren't just ripped from the playbook of what worked yesterday.

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That means opening a dialogue with residents who are perhaps considered "outsiders" simply because they haven't lived here their whole lives.

That means creating an atmosphere that allows time for taking on difficult issues instead of just the standard fare.

It means developing an earnest partnership between residents and public servants, both categories of whom are equally vested in this community.

Change can most definitely be a frightening proposition, and the Editorial Board certainly is sensitive to that.

However, it can also represent a chance for a brighter future.

Our community is fine the way it is. It certainly has numerous positive qualities.

But, is there anyone who doubts that there's so much more that can be done? That with better planning, dialogue and forward thinking, Craig and Moffat County's positive qualities can only be enhanced and improved?

That's what we're all shooting for — a better future for ourselves, our loved ones and our children.

New ideas and an openness to implementing them is the only way to get there. Taking down the barriers that prevent change, that allow for only the status quo, has to happen.

A better tomorrow for everyone demands it.

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Our View

To move forward, the Craig and Moffat County community must not only be open to change, but embrace it. It’s a new world and it takes brave people to manage it. Thinking based on the past will only keep us there — in the past.

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