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Editorial: Broader horizons

Despite the fact that the man at the center of Monday's presidential inauguration was far from a popular choice locally, Moffat County was well represented at the event.

Five students — Moffat County High School students Nicole Ferree, Caitlin Harjes, Derek Maiolo and Abigail Gonzales and Craig Middle School seventh-grader Tristan Farquharson — were able to attend after taking advantage of a couple programs.

The MCHS students — who all hold offices in student government — participated in WorldStrides, a high school touring program that organizes a variety of educational trips for students all over the country.

As for Farquharson, he attended the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in 2011 while he was a student at Sandrock Elementary School. His participation in that event granted him alumni scholar status and automatically made him eligible for the Presidential Inaugural Conference, a five-day conference that features several inauguration-themed events.

Politics aside, the editorial board thinks the extra-curricular work done by these students is commendable.

Not only have they taken it upon themselves to broaden their horizons — an important step in the life of any young person and especially those who come from a rural area — but they also did it by visiting Washington, D.C.

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Our nation's capital holds an important symbolic place in the hearts of many Americans as, to a lesser extent, does the state capital of one's home state. Board members contend that residents should visit each at least once in their lives.

This is especially true for those with aspirations of being leaders — and all five students who attended the Inauguration strike board members as being exactly that.

The families of these students also need to be praised. From helping to pay for the trip to fostering an environment where learning is valued, it probably would not have been possible for any of the students to attend the inauguration with out the support of their families and especially their parents.

We expect these young people to return to Craig with new ideas and experiences, and we can't wait to hear their stories.

But the students aren't the only ones who deserve thanks here. So too does the community.

When these students first saw an opportunity to attend the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, they also saw they would need financial help to get there. Even after the guy most local voters supported lost, the community still came through.

The editorial board thinks the members of the Moffat County community deserve praise for making such a generous investment into the future of some of our most promising youths. We expect the community will see a great return on that investment.

Editorial board members:

• Matt Beckett

— Community representative

• Brad King

— Community representative

• Allan Reishus

— Community representative

• Bryce Jacobson

— Newspaper representative

• Jerry Martin

— Newspaper representative

Our View

With five Moffat County students attending this week’s presidential inauguration, the editorial board would like to take a moment to thank them for their desire to experience something new. Board members also want to thank community members for also supporting those efforts.

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