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Editorial: Bringing synergy to energy

With the future use of Vermillion Basin at the center of local discussions lately, the new incarnation of the Editorial Board found energy and the debates surrounding it fitting topics at its meeting Monday.

The basin, along with the passage of Colorado House Bill 10-1365, otherwise known as the Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act, and a host of other happenings on a national and global scale, continue to make energy a pressing issue for our community and beyond.

Here, in Moffat County, our community relies heavily on coal, and we shouldn't run from that fact, the Editorial Board contends. However, in order to foster a more diversified economy, our community must also keep an open mind to, and even embrace, the development of other energy sources.

The reality is, the Editorial Board believes, our country's energy needs aren't dependent on one sole source, but rather a smattering of sources that can combine to meet our needs.

That's not a knock on coal — as the board stated earlier, coal has been very, very good to our community, and it's still one of our society's most viable resources.

Instead, the board is advocating for a practical approach to an ever-increasing demand that our society and resources won't be able to meet unless a mixture of sources are pooled together.

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The point is this: We shouldn't hang our hat on just one option. We should continue to support and educate ourselves on coal and its production, but also support the idea that other sources may be able to contribute to increased demand as well.

Today, it often seems that many people take the stance that one source is the silver bullet to our energy needs. That approach is short sighted.

Solutions to real problems are never that simple.

They require thought, research and cooperation, and those are all elements the Editorial Board considers to be missing from the discussion on how we'll keep the lights on and our economy running in the years and decades to come.

our view

Coal has been very good to our community, and we shouldn’t stray from it. However, it’s a collaborative effort between industries that will provide a lasting solution to our ever-increasing energy needs.

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