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Editorial: Beautification committees of one

Craig and Moffat County's beauty isn't always noticeable at first glance.

As has been said and written numerous times over, entry into the community from the east is less than desirable, while the gateway from the west is actually quite stunning.

But inside the community, there are certainly rough patches here and there that can give outsiders a negative image of our town.

Not every property falls under this category — there are many home and business owners who do a wonderful job maintaining their properties.

If only we could get everyone in the community to buy-in to such care and consideration.

The editorial board would like to take today's opinion piece to encourage all Craig and Moffat County residents to do what they can to improve their property, or at least keep their areas picked up enough so they're not an eye sore.

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Certainly different people have different standards, but if there can exist a baseline for everyone then maybe there won't be such disparity between the eye-pleasing areas and the ones less so.

In a sense, what the editorial board is asking of the community is for residents to mimic the approach of the Craig Beautification Committee.

The committee has done a marvelous job over the years of improving small, once blighted areas into places now aesthetically appealing.

If a great number of residents can do a great number of small things, we believe these efforts will add up and equal a better look and feel of our community, which, you never know, could strike the right impression on visitors.

But even if it doesn't, the cleanup and maintenance efforts will at the very least bolster the community's profile and give everyone who lives in Craig and Moffat County a feeling we all should rightfully have living here — pride in calling this place home.

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Editorial board members:

• Al Cashion

— Community representative

• Bryce Jacobson

— Newspaper representative

• Bridget Manley

— Newspaper representative

• Chris Nichols

— Community representative

• Jeff Pleasant

— Community representative

• Joshua Roberts

— Newspaper representative

Our View

With a mild winter (until Tuesday) and the spring season approaching, now is the time for each Craig and Moffat County resident to begin doing small things with their property to beautify the community as a whole. Call it Craig Beautification Committees of one.

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