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Editorial: Be right while on the river

The Yampa River, one of Craig and Moffat County's true gems, is finally righting itself for tubers, and temperatures are heating up around town.

After a seemingly long hibernation, it appears our community may actually have a much-deserved summer, after all, though likely a shorter one than past years.

However, the Editorial Board recommends users not let enthusiasm overshadow basic safety requirements on the river.

Put simply, no matter their ages, if people are on the Yampa, they need to wear lifejackets.

It's one easy way to ensure safety for everyone.

The river is a casual and cheap place for family-friendly fun, but it should also be respected at all times.

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We've lost people from our community before — it seems to happen at least once per summer — because lifejackets weren't part of the outing.

This doesn't need to keep happening.

A little bit of precaution, or lack of it, can go a long way in determining whether a river outing is an enjoyable, relaxing day of summer or something more tragic.

We've waited too long in our community this summer to finally have this chance to enjoy the Yampa and all it has to offer, from a casual float to a relaxing swim, and it would be senseless to be overanxious now.

Enjoy the river and the rest of the summer, local residents, but be smart and be safe above all else.

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Our View

With the Yampa River showing signs of calming down, many local residents are eager to beat the heat and cool off. But, the Editorial Board recommends users temper excitement and not overlook simple safety precautions. The river should be respected at all times, and lifejackets are must for everyone.

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