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Editorial: Basic economics

There's no bigger issue for any community today than bolstering economic development.

That's especially true for Craig and Moffat County, where our economy is not only feeling the ripples from the national strain but could also be hindered in the future by regulations.

However, it appears Gov. John Hickenlooper, who has been in office all of 11 days, has recognized the necessity of somehow kick-starting things.

The new governor recently concluded a series of economic development meetings around the state with local officials in hopes of boosting finances.

On Jan. 14, Moffat County sent a delegation to Fruita for such a meeting with Hickenlooper.

That our local officials had an audience with the governor is encouraging to the Editorial Board. So, too, is Hickenlooper's view that local economic plans should be weaved into regional plans and then incorporated into state plans.

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Hickenlooper favoring the state conforming plans around those of individual communities and regions rather than the other way around is a basic idea, but one that was seemingly lost to the previous administration.

The same could be said of Western Slope representation in the governor's cabinet.

In recent weeks, Hickenlooper has appointed several Western Slope officials to prominent positions in his administration, hopefully ensuring that our side of the mountain has advocates at the capitol.

The Editorial Board contends it's important Craig and Moffat County, as well as the Western Slope in general, not slip from the governor's radar.

Granted, we're in the very early stages with our new governor, but so far it seems he's actually going to be mindful of the whole state and not just one side of it.

This, as you may have noticed, would be a sharp contrast to what was seen in the last four years from the governor's office.

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Our View

Moffat County officials gaining audience with new Gov. John Hickenlooper in Fruita combined with his cabinet appointments having some Western Slope roots are encouraging signs that the new administration won’t be as Front Range-centric as the last. Last year’s developments showed our county how important it is to have positive relationships in Denver.

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