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Editorial: 86ing 62

In less than a week, Colorado voters will go to the polls with a chance to shape the state's immediate and long-term outlook.

There are several ballot questions that are extremely important this year, but one in particular dominated the Editorial Board's discussion Monday, Amendment 62.

This question — which voters should consider extremely carefully before casting their ballots — proposes amending the state constitution to extend rights under the Colorado Bill of Rights to "every human being from the beginning of biological development."

Proponents contend 62 will end abortion and protect innocent life. Opponents counter that the proposal inserts government into the private health decisions of women and their families.

Consider the Editorial Board in the latter category.

Be clear on our reasoning: None of the board members are pro-abortion. We believe, unless the circumstances are in some way dire, that abortion isn't the right thing to do.

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That's where we stand on moral grounds.

However, we also believe no one — not us, not the voter and certainly not the government that so many are distrustful of today — has the right to tell women what they can do with their bodies.

Government interference in people's lives should be limited.

Amendment 62 goes too far, and attempts to take away personal choice.

It takes away personal responsibility and seeks to put that power in the hands of legislators.

Who wants politicians legislating morality? Where does it stop? If we give them this power now, what's to say they can't come back in the future, again and again, chipping away so that one day we're all nothing but drones living completely under the government's thumb?

There's no point in opening the door to that possibility.

Adding to the Editorial Board's opinion on Amend-

ment 62 is this: it won't stop abortions from happening. Instead, it will give rise to shady, back-alley doctors performing the operations in secrecy on women who the law will have driven underground.

And then, our state will have put the mother in jeopardy as well.

Abortions are a problem for our society, no doubt. But, instead of forcing women into a corner, we need to do better in educating them on preventative measures, adoption, and/or abstinence.

There are other options available to mothers than the one they can never take back. Same goes for voters: Be careful with Amendment 62.

Know that a yes vote could have broader impacts later than what you think it will do today.

Our View

Amendment 62 is another Nov. 2 ballot question that voters should reject. It’s an extreme measure that allows government interference into private lives. While the Editorial Board doesn’t support abortion, the decision should ultimately be left to people, not politicians.

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