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Ed Winters: Station talk ‘appalling’

To the editor:

The thought that Craig is in need of a second firehouse is appalling. I understand the residents of Moffat County passed the mill levy increase for the fire protection district in 2006, but since then have the residents seen an increase in service provided?

I say no.

The fire department is great at saving the foundation, but how many actual structures have been saved by the fire department?

By their own admission, the number of services has remained static, or slightly increasing, over the past five years. Meanwhile, the population of Moffat County has only marginally increased over the past 10 years.

A second firehouse, training center, exercise and education rooms, and living quarters — that sounds a lot like a full-time paid fire department is coming next.

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Will the fire department be asking for another mill increase to accommodate that?

What hasn't been discussed is what new equipment will be at the second firehouse. I am guessing rescue vehicles, pumpers and the like.

So, the need of new equipment to fill the second firehouse is next. What would be the efficiency of sharing vehicles between both firehouses?

That doesn't solve anything, but it certainly can increase confusion in response to an emergency.

I have a novel idea — take the surplus that the fire department has enjoyed since the mill increase has gone into effect and return it to the taxpayers of Moffat County.

Ed Winters

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