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Ed Wilkinson: ‘Salute to our Veterans’ calendar available

Ed Wilkinson

— I have 2010 calendars in my office.

The calendar I have is called "Salute to our Veterans."

These calendars have information on veterans Web sites, facts about health issues and many other pertinent information concerning veterans.

Scheduled prescription drug increase delayed until summer

Veteran co-pays for medications were supposed to increase from $8 to $9 as of Jan 1. This was covered under regulations stating prescription drug charges had to keep pace with prescription drug charges in the private sector.

But on Dec. 31, 2009, Veterans Affairs officials announced in the Federal Register that they were delaying the increase until July 1 so they could reconsider how increases are calculated.

Historical veteran/national dates

• Jan. 3, 1980: Manuel Noriega surrenders to U.S. invasion forces.

Recommended Stories For You

• Jan. 4, 1999: The euro debuts. Europe is united with one common currency.

• Jan. 6,1838: Samuel Morse demonstrates the telegraph. Electric impulses are encoded and used to transmit messages over wire. Widely used by Western Union.

In 1966, prisoner of war Jeremiah Denton, brought on television by his North Vietnamese captors, Morse-blinked the word "torture."

• Jan. 8, 1877: Chief Crazy Horse fights his last battle with the U.S. Cavalry.

Craig Telehealth Clinic reminder

The Craig Community Telehealth Clinic offers U.S. veterans state-of-the-art technology, as well as on-site nursing support and remote practitioner availability. The goal is to provide an extensive array of health care services to veterans in a setting that is accessible and professional. To appropriately plan and coordinate your visit, access to the clinic is by appointment only. The clinic cannot handle emergency needs. Flu shot walk-ins still are ongoing for veterans enrolled in the VAMC Healthcare system. Call 824-6721 with questions.

Tele-psych services now available

Veterans can now get tele-pysch services at the Craig VA Telehealth clinic. All they need to do is call 970-263-2824 to set up a follow-up appointment for their mental health visit to be done there. If there are any questions, contact Jayne Scribner at VAMC Grand Junction via phone or e-mail Jayne.Scribner@va.gov

For information about these programs and/or other veterans' benefits, call or stop in the Moffat County VSO office at 480 Barclay St. (west of the Bank of Colorado parking lot). Call 970-824-3246 or use the fax 970-824-7108. Our e-mail address is veterans@moffatcounty.net. The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. Other times can be arranged by appointment only. Bring a copy of your separation papers (DD-214) for application for VA programs and for filing at our office.

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