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Duane Laabs: Do our votes count?

To the editor:

I'm confused.

We are told that our vote counts from the time we are in school to every time that we vote.

The voice of the people seems to me that it doesn't count for a thing.

We vote on things such as legalizing marijuana, it gets shut down and then we get shown how much our vote counts.

We even vote people in to office to do for the people and they show their true colors. With their comments that they told you in the article, it's not a pain pill it's a drug that will be abused.

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We teach our kids to just say no; then why can't we as adult just say no?

I hope that you can help me understand what the big deal about this is. We voted on it, we stated our feelings, and now it's up to our councils and leaders that we put in their offices to up hold our votes.

Or, if they can change that, maybe we should change them.

Duane Laabs

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