Drive prepared with proper tires |

Drive prepared with proper tires

Joshua Hergert, Store Manager of A&E Tire Inc.

Winter is approaching and one of the most important things that we tend to forget about or put off until the last minute is one of the most important things — the tires on our vehicles.

They are the only thing between us and our families and the road while driving. Snow, all-season or all-terrain tires, they all work, just as long as your tires have good tread and proper air pressure and your vehicle is aligned.

Snow tires, whether they are studded or studless, are the best way to go for maximum traction and control on the icy and snowy roads. When buying tires, make sure that you are getting the correct size for your vehicle as well as good quality.

Make sure when you are talking to your tire professionals that you have the correct information. The tire size and recommended air pressure are on the driver's door jam of your vehicle.

For more information and options on which tires are available for your car or truck, talk to your tire pros. We are here to help you.

Drive this winter knowing your vehicle is prepared for what's ahead.

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