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Dr. Dennis Kinder: A new adventure

To the editor:

I am writing to thank my patients for allowing me to care for you. I have loved working with you all throughout these past two decades and will miss seeing and serving you. Craig was a wonderful place to raise our two children, Jacquelyn and Buddy. They both are starting new careers, and so am I. I was offered a truly once-in-a-lifetime position as associate professor at Rocky Vista University in Parker. I will oversee the Internal Medicine Resident's continuity clinic associated with the University. In my new role, I will be challenged to know more than all these young residents, fresh out of their medical school training. I will join Dr. Thomas Told, interim dean of the medical school. Dr. Told introduced our family to Craig, and has supported our endeavors during these 19 years. Dr. Pamela Kinder and Dr. Shannon Becker will remain at Kinder Family Clinic, and are prepared to care for you in my absence. Pamela seems to find me no matter where I am, so no worries there. TMH Clinic also is preparing for my absence. I would like to thank Dr. Larry Kipe, as well, who helped me with call when I was working solo. I would love to see you all between 4 and 6 p.m. today at Kinder Family Clinic for drinks and appetizers.

Dr. Dennis Kinder


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