Donations sought for ‘Project Soldier’ in Moffat County |

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Donations sought for ‘Project Soldier’ in Moffat County

Christy Gonzalez, programs coordinator for the Craig branch of the Moffat County Libraries, poses in front of a donation box Tuesday. Gonzalez is the organizer behind “Project Soldier,” which seeks to collect snacks, books, cards and more to ship to soldiers overseas. The library will collect donations until Dec. 31.


Suggested donation items for ‘Project Soldier’:

• Snacks (cookies, jerky, energy bars, canned soup)

• Seasonings and sauces

• Paperback books, DVDs, CDs, current magazines

• AT&T global phone cards

• Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, moisturizing eye drops

• Notebooks and pens

• Sewing kits

— Donations can be dropped off at the Craig branch of the Moffat County Libraries, 570 Green St.

Christy Gonzalez stood next to a cardboard donation box Tuesday in the lobby of the Craig branch of the Moffat County Libraries.

She rummaged through the container and pulled out a child's drawing of an Air Force jet flown by a smiley-faced pilot.

"You see?" Gonzalez said. "It just brings a smile to your face."

The drawing, along with assorted donations of snacks, books and other items, will be shipped to soldiers as part of the library's "Project Soldier."

From now until Dec. 31, donation boxes will be available at the Craig branch, 570 Green St.

"You can drop in a thank you card," said Gonzalez, the library's programs coordinator. "It can be as easy as that."

Gonzalez said the donations are meant to remind soldiers of home.

"Iraq's a lot different than here," she said. "The leaves aren't changing colors."

Gonzalez, whose brother, Sgt. E.J. Caras, is stationed at Baghdad International Airport with the Air Force, said the program isn't necessarily new to the library, but it has grown in scale this year.

"It got started a couple of years ago for a story time on Veteran's Day," Gonzalez said. "We made a care package that went over to soldiers. This year, we thought we would extend it to make it a little bit longer."

Gonzalez said the finished care packages will be sent to three different bases overseas.

She hopes to send the packages to Craig-area soldiers for wider distribution among fellow servicemen and women from other hometowns.

After all, Gonzalez said, "The United States is home to all of us."