Dona Shue: Sick of mess in D.C. |

Dona Shue: Sick of mess in D.C.

To the editor:

Almost daily, we hear of another example of the people in Washington, D.C., not hearing us, or if they do, not listening or taking us seriously.

Hopefully, this November we can empty Washington.

Right now, it is the Demo­crats. A few years ago, it was the Republicans who never allowed principles to stand in the way of getting what they wanted.

When I was young and tried to justify actions with "everyone else is doing it," my parents didn't buy it. Instead, they asked, "If everyone was jumping off a bridge would you do it also?"

Just because "everyone else" is doing something doesn't make it the right thing to do. I want leaders who follow the principles our country was founded on.

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The difference between a democracy (what many seem to think we have) and a republic (what our founders gave us) is that in the democracy the majority rules and the minority has no protection against their unlimited power.

A republic, on the other hand, protects all individuals, giving them certain unalienable rights that protect the rights of the minority and protects the basic liberties of all people in general.

There is an organization called GOOOH that is working to send 435 citizen representatives to Washington instead of career politicians, which sounds like a great idea. I'm sick of the mess in Washington.

If we keep doing what we're doing, we will keep getting what we're getting.

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Dona Shue

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