Don and Judy Laib: We lost a surgeon of integrity |

Don and Judy Laib: We lost a surgeon of integrity

To the editor:

We have known Dr. Pense for almost seven years. The first time I met him in January 2006, he shared that he is the new surgeon.

I was excited. I could tell from that time that he was a good man.

I, Don, was single in 2006 and was scheduled for a minor procedure with Dr. Pense. Before I left the hospital that day, he asked for my address.

Later that same day, my door bell rang and it was Dr. Pense standing with a large hot container of chicken and dumplings that he made from scratch.

Wow! That was awesome.

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To have a surgeon do that for me was very humbling. We are also aware that others, in the community, have experienced similar acts.

Dr. Pense, being a humble man, would never share what he had done.

After emergency surgery on a patient, Dr. Pense had this same patient air lifted to Grand Junction. The surgeon in Grand Junction was so impressed with Dr. Pense’s work, he asked, “How did little Craig get such a good surgeon?”

The other surgeon realized what a quality surgeon Dr. Pense is.

We have never known a doctor like Dr. Pense, down to earth, so caring for the patient and the whole Craig community and surrounding area. He still has a heart for Craig considering the “mess of problems’ he has experienced with the present administrator.

He has said more than once, “Craig’s people deserve better, It’s the people who are the ones who are suffering”

Different times when the Penses and us were out to eat it was not uncommon for him to leave our table and go speak with an ex patient, who was also in the restaurant, to say hello and ask how they were doing.

Most people don’t know that Dr. Pense’s wife, Sharon, was his Operating Room Tech when he was on call, no matter the time of day or night. We have also lost a good Operating Room Tech.

Many people do not know that Dr. Pense is a Godly man. If he knew that you believed in prayer, he would pray with you, with your permission, before you had surgery.

He prayed for both of us before we had minor procedures done with him.

Different times Dr. Stan has told us what excellent doctors Phillips and Rice are, and how much the community has lost.

All three of these doctors were here for the long haul. Dr. Stan had planned on retiring here.

My wife and I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Dr. Pense and his wife Sharon. Over the years we have had meals together, played cards, hunted and truly enjoyed our relationship.

Now they are gone. What a HUGE LOSS for our community!

Our hospital board of trustees and our county commissioners have a vital responsibility to make the changes necessary to correct the injustice to our doctors and medical community. Craig deserves better!

Remember this OUR hospital. Obviously there is major house cleaning that needs to take place in the hospital board and administration.

Don and Judy Laib

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