Do you really want to contribute to Sierra Club? |

Do you really want to contribute to Sierra Club?

Paul Bishop

To the Editor;

A recent article talked about the money that would be realized from the workers performing the updates on the power plant south of Craig.

Something good should come from that settlement, for the cost of electricity will surely go up to cover those costs. People who think the power plant owners are to be the only ones who pay, certainly have another thing coming.

Environmentalist groups operate from settlements plus the donations of the people who listen to the “bleeding heart” stories of those same groups.

I believe the power companies would clean up their operations if given the time naturally. Why do we have the Clean Air Act, if that isn’t so?

Today on Fox Net, was a story about the sheep and cattle ranchers of Utah, where the environmental groups are suing under the Endangered Species Act.

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We will need help in Moffat County if they find out we’re forcing the Black-footed Ferret to eat plague infested, prairie rats imported from Boulder County.

We don’t want to become like the great state of California, that is becoming the victim of the environment groups. Do a search to see if you really want to contribute to the Sierra Club.


Paul Bishop

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