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‘Deer are wild animals’

To the editor:

This is regarding the

deer problem.

Our 2-year-old grandson recently walked around the corner of our house and two deer bolted and came within inches of knocking him down and trampling him. The deer are wild animals and will react as wild animals.

The deer diseases are spread by their waste. If a person or kid plays in the city parks, school lawns or any other place and gets some of the waste on their hands and wipes their face, they can get the disease.

People can catch the disease, or the Colorado Division of Wildlife would not test herds for it in hunting season.

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I have lived in Craig all my life, over 65 years. There never was deer in town until the last few years.

Wake up, you selfish people. Think of all the kids that can catch the diseases. Get rid of the deer all possible ways. Most of the deer look sick.

Jim Kowach

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