Dee White: End of an era |

Dee White: End of an era

To the editor:

Sunset Meadows 1 and 2 will be losing our maintenance crew.

Bev Lovelady, who has 13 years of service, and John Furman, who has 15 years of service, have been reassigned by the Moffat County Housing Authority Board to work elsewhere in the county for the grounds and maintenance department.

The residents of these two buildings will miss Bev and John not only for their pleasant disposition, skills, experience and strong work ethic, but for their integrity and the safe upkeep and maintenance of both buildings and grounds.

Recently, Sunset Meadows 1 and 2 have been refurbished and weatherized, painted and have had a new roof installed. Bev and John worked with contractors and subcontractors on all major projects to make sure the jobs were done well and on time.

This included insuring the safety and security of all residents who might otherwise have been disturbed by so many workers and tools and interruption of daily services.

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There was never a job too small or large for them to fix. Squeaky wheels on wheelchairs and walkers got oiled. They had answers to all complaints and questions. They loved the challenge of a water leak or electrical problem, doors that won't open or close, or locks and keys that don't work.

If you get stuck on an elevator, Bev and John will free you. They have been here for us day and night. And also in death, too.

There was a rumor that said they sat around all day eating cookies with old ladies. They did not have time for cookies. Sunset Meadows 1 and 2 have beautiful curb appeal, thanks to Bev and John.

They have cut acres of grass over the years, trimmed trees and shrubs, and cleaned gutters and walkways of debris. During the wintertime, they shovel snow like two automatons, making sure residents have safe and clear access to vehicles.

When an apartment becomes available, it is inspected, repairs made, walls are washed, appliances taken apart and scrubbed and cleaned, draperies are washed and carpets cleaned. The apartments are like new when Bev and John finish with them.

We the residents wish them both success in their new assignments. We hope they can be placed where their experience and skills will be best used.

And, good luck to the Moffat County Housing Authority Board members.

Bev and John, family and residents celebrated in their honor with a buffet, gifts and much love on Aug. 23, 2011.

They really deserve recognition.

Dee White

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