Dean Brosious named Businessperson of the Year |

Dean Brosious named Businessperson of the Year

Nicole Inglis

Dean Brosious, owner of LPL Financial Services, accepts the Businessperson of the Year award at the State of the County event Friday night at the Holiday Inn of Craig. Brosious opened LPL five years ago in downtown Craig after working for Bank of Colorado.

If the stock market has a down day, LPL Financial Services owner Dean Brosious is awoken by the same sound that disturbs brokers across the country.

A ringing phone.

But Brosious' clients are calling for a different reason.

"They're not calling to pull all their money out," he said. "They're calling to ask, 'Hey, what can we buy?' People in rural America are used to assessing risk. I'm so blessed with clients that don't panic."

It's his financial clients — from ranchers to young professionals — that he credits with his success as a business owner for the past five years.

Brosious was honored for his services to the community Friday at the State of the County event, where he was presented with the Craig Chamber of Commerce Businessperson of the Year award.

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"I was really surprised," he said. "I don't have a clue why I got it. I guess they talked about me spending time with clients. And there might be a person with $2,500 who needs to spend more time with me than someone with $250,000. Everyone has to learn, and my job is just to help teach."

He said he sees himself as something of a mentor in the community, often having long conferences with people who don't end up investing money with him.

But if he can educate and better the financial judgment of future generations in the community, then he considers himself a success.

"If I just worried about making money and not mentoring, then I'm not going to be personally successful," he said.

Despite the economic recession that has plagued the financial industry during the past two years, Brosious said he remains confident that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

"A lot of people think that the stock market goes down and it never comes back," he said. "But it has always come back before. It's not going to disappear. The stock market will be there tomorrow morning."

Still, he said financial brokers always need to remember whose money it is they're investing.

"You want to limit the risk you put people's money at," he said. "Because in this market, there's just no reward for being aggressive. You just want the best return with the least risk."

Part of being responsible for other people's money is knowing the clientele, their personality and backgrounds.

For Brosious, who grew up on a ranch in northwestern Wyoming, understanding the Craig community is not much of a stretch.

"This is the biggest town I've ever lived in," he said. "I understand these people."

He moved to Craig in 1976 after starting his career at a local bank in Wyoming, deviating from the ranching lifestyle that the rest of his family continued.

He said throughout the early days of his financial career, his father always held onto the hope that Brosious would come to his senses and get a "real job," which involves manual labor.

But he still owns a small ranch and land and spends time in the fall duck hunting with his two Labrador retrievers. Despite his office job, he said the agricultural lifestyle is "a sickness I can't be cured of."

And for the past 30 years, the town of Craig has been a remedy.

"This town has been very good to me and my family," he said. "You work here for a while and get to know people and this town just takes care of you."

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