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Dawn Bolstad: Girls did more than play — they unified

Girls did more than play — they unified

It is a rare thing to be a part of team. Don’t get me wrong. We claim to have teams all over the place, but I mean team in the truest sense of word. It’s when every single person is committed to all of the others. It’s when working apart evolves into working together. It’s when a group of people share one massive, beating, surging heart.

I’m different from many of you. I don’t remember you from grade school. I don’t know the names of your relatives. I don’t know the one or two words that people say to remember a whole story about your life. There is a story I do know, however.

This is a story about a group of girls and their coaches. From their coaches and their families and their teachers and their friends and their community, these girls learned the importance of working together to accomplish a goal. To celebrate their accomplishment, they were led onto a tournament with sirens from the fire and police heroes, vans and Suburbans filled with friends and family, and the good wishes and warm intentions of an entire town. Would it have been nice to win state? Sure. But they did so much more than toss one ball in one game in one tournament. They brought a town together. I’d call it magic. You, on the other hand, might call it just a wonderful group of girls and their coaches who just happen to play basketball in a little town called Craig, Colorado.

Dawn Bolstad


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